Which e-pharmacies are the market leaders in UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain?

European E-pharmacy Study 2022

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The Highlights of the European E-pharmacy Study 2022

  • Forecast: How will the global e-pharmacy market develop in the next years?
  • Regulations: Country overview of regulations in meds online retailing
  • EU 5 Shops: The top 5 shops of the individual EU-5 countries Italy, UK, Germany, France and Spain
  • Insights: Important Pharmaceutical e-commerce insights for the daily business

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The global pharmaceutical market has become increasingly relevant in recent years and is always characterized by innovation and growth potential. Currently, the global pharmaceutical market has a market volume of almost $1,20bn. After the USA and China, Europe also has a large share in the pharmaceutical market with about 24%. The EU5 countries Germany, the United Kingdom (UK), Italy, France and Spain play a major role in this.

In these five countries in particular, growth is driven by online pharmacies. Despite similar growth potentials, the situations within countries could not be more different. The European online pharmacy landscape is still very heterogeneous in terms of sales volume, user traffic, online retail regulations and shop structures.

Digital trading of prescription drugs is only permitted in Germany and the UK. The country with the highest revenue in Europe in the sector of e-pharmacies is Germany with a market volume of about 3 billion euros.

In the European E-pharmacy Study we give a detailed overview of the European online pharmacy landscape. For Germany, the United Kingdom (UK), Italy, France and Spain, we show the most important regulations on e-pharmacy trade per country and present the top 5 online pharmacies of each respective country.

Study Contents:

    • Forecast on the global e-pharmacy market
    • Country overview of regulations in meds online retailing
    • The top 5 shops of the individual EU-5 countries
    • Pharmaceutical e-commerce insights

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    Excerpts from the study

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